May 2013 Promotions

Crown Europe Casino offers you not only the best games in the world of online casino, but also has its tremendous and groundbreaking welcome bonus of $7200. We also offer a first deposit, second deposit and even third deposit bonuses for our players! Our unrivaled generosity is what keeps our players from playing our games. Because it’s not just the bonus that matters here, it’s the player’s satisfaction that keeps us going. That’s why, we’re here to give you Crown Europe Casino May 2013 Promotions.

We are crowning our lucky players with extra credits and bonuses to increase their bankroll.

Our typical welcome bonus is $7200 in the first place. What if we’ll increase our welcome bonus up to $8000? Sounds great isn’t it? But that’s not all, because we don’t close the deal that way. Get an instant credit of up to 250% free on your first deposit, 150% free on your second deposit and 300% free on your third deposit. To know more about how to claim your bonus, see our terms and conditions page.

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It’s a May kick-off since we are giving away lots of perks and cool prizes. And to celebrate Labor Day, we will be giving away up to $500 credits to those who will play and win our weekly casino marathon.

Scratch away to reveal your winnings! Play our Scratch Out Week for the first week of May.

Try your luck at the classic favorites such as lotto, Keno, bingo etc on our Arcade Barricade Week on the second week.

Test your element of skills on our third week gaming marathon namely, the Video Hold’em Poker.

Lastly, play our progressive slots and aim to win the jackpot! Join our finale marathon and get a chance to win $2,000,000 jackpot at stake! Play our Marvel jackpot multi-level progressives and start your journey to an action-packed game.

Your adventure towards your fortune is just about to begin. So pack your bankrolls up, and let’s get ready to rumble with Crown Europe Casino May 2013 promotions. With Crown Europe Casino, you will be “our Highness.”